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Orbitalum Tools GmbH – Germany & E. H. WACHS - USA (ITW companies), known as ITW Orbital Cutting & Welding worldwide, now offers products and services in India.
Orbitalum Tools GmbH manufactures
• ORBITAL Welding Machines
• Cutting, Facing and Beveling machines that deliver a perfect edge preparation to produce a perfect Weld.
EH WACHS manufactures portable pipe cutting and beveling machine (upto 84 inch pipe dia) for weld preparation.
These products find wide usage in :
High Purity Applications
• Semiconductor
• Electronic
• Biopharmaceutical
• Chemical  
• Food, Dairy, Beverage
• Aviation, Aerospace

• Power Generation
• Boiler, Heat Exchanger
• Refineries
• Oil, Gas, Petrochemical 
• Water and Gas Distribution
• Contractors
• Fabrication Shop
ITW Orbital Cutting & Welding has a large inventory of Orbitalum welding and EH WACHS cutting products Ex-stock -ready for immediate delivery from its Hyderabad facility.
Customers can also count on our comprehensive range of services. Our aim is to offer an inspiring customer service – You can measure us against this promise.
• Technical support
• Repairs, maintenance, on-site service
• Service training for our customers
• Calibration of Welding machines
• Rental services
• Product demo and Training
Cutting       Facing        Beveling      Counterboring       Welding
Orbital TIG Welding Machines
Orbital Welding Power Supplies
The ORBIMAT CAdvanced series of orbital welding power supplies are equipped with a new and unique operating concept. In addition to the reliable automatic programming which generates welding parameters by entering the tube diameter, wall thickness, material, and welding gas all ORBIMAT CA models also have the exclusive new development FLOW FORCE to reduce the pre-flow gas time when the weld heads are closed in the standard model and BUP control function with controllable, position-dependent tube internal pressure control as an optional extra.

The basic model of the ORBIMAT CA series includes the following functions and equipment :
• Simple and convenient operation thanks to multifunctional rotary actuator.
• Control option for cold wire feed.
• DC welding.
• Optimal visibility and operating conditions thanks to clearly laid-out 10.5“ swivel monitor.
• Graphically-supported operating interface and multilingual menu navigation via color display.
• Capacity to store over 5,000 welding programs, providing systematic and clear program
management thanks to the creation of folder structures.
• Welding data logging and printout of actual values.
• A multicard reader enables data to be transferred easily to an external PC.
• It is possible to extend memory and data exchange using CompactFlash card (CF), SD, MMC, Sony memory stick.
• (Optional) PC-offline software with the capability to convert data protocols to PDF.
• Extremely easy to service thanks to PSS (Pro Service System):
– Simple functional test with no need to open the unit.
– Easy to service and components can be replaced quickly thanks to systematic
component structure.
• Power and motor slope adjustment between the individual sectors.
• Coolant water and welding gas are monitored.
• Option to program up to 99 sectors.
• Possibility of connecting a monitor or printer (through VGA).
• Integrated printer.
• Metric and imperial units.

Scope of delivery ORBIMAT CA power supplies:
• 1 orbital welding power supply of the ORBIMAT CA series
• 1 connection hose set ORBIMAT
• 1 blind plug
• 1 welding connector adapter 165A/300A
• 1 external keyboard
• 1 liter antifreeze
• 1 filling funnel
• 2 keys for key switch
• 1 operation manual
Orbital Welding Equipment
ORRBIMAT® 165 CB asic
Compact Computer-Controlled
Orbital Welding Power Source
AUTOPROGRAMMING with input of :
• Tube Diameter
• Wall thickness
• Material
• Welding Gas
ORBIPURGE forming set
The ORBIPURGE forming set for tube internal diameters 12 - 110 mm (0.472 - 4.331 inch) includes all accessories for fast and efficient internal forming during orbital welding.
• The various stoppers match the internal diameter of the tube exactly and therefore from an optimally sealed forming gas chamber.
• The complete set is supplied in a durable plastic carrying case.
• The scope of delivery includes 2 forming plugs in each size, a Teflon gas hose, and a set of rapid-action couplings.
• The forming plugs cater for the complete range of between 12 – 110 mm fully. Forming plugs for greater diameters are available on request.
• The ORBIPURGE forming set is also particularly suitable where there are very high demands for purity in the forming atmosphere and is an ideal addition to our residual oxygen meter ORB 1001.
• The rapid-action couplings allow for simple separation and connection without having to screw the pressure regulator on and off for every operation. . Used for Manual TIG welding as well as for Orbital TIG Fusion welding application.

Enclosed Orbital Weld Heads
Enclosed orbital weld heads ORBIWELD  
Microweld head ORBIWELD 12
The ideal solution for welds in the semiconductor industry and in all applications where space is very limited. Also particularly suitable for welding all common microfittings. With its extremely compact design and different clamping cartridges, the ORBIWELD 12 microweld head offers a uniquely versatile functionality and a high power-on time previously unknown for weld heads of this size thanks to the water coolant system. With an ORBIMAT series power supply you now have a highly accurate welding system
that is yet simple to handle.

OW 12 with wide clamping cartridge
(version B) and
exchangeable clamping shells

OW 12 with narrow clamping cartridge
(version A) especially for
welding microfittings.

• Quick change system for clamping shells.
• Remote control built into the handle.
• Extremely narrow clamping cartridges (Version A).
• Wide clamping cartridge (Version B) with exchangeable clamping shells for standard applications.
• The removable clamping cartridge enables accurate alignment with the parts to be welded, even where there is very little space.
Exchangeable clamping cartridges for OW 12 version A (narrow)
Clamping cartridges with a total width of only 12.7 mm (0.5 inch) can be supplied (version A, see below) for welding microfittings and other applications with very limited chuck lengths. For version A a separate clamping cartridge is required for every tube diameter.
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