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Welding Software

Welding Monitoring & Management System(WMMs)
Internet based Welding Monitoring & Management System (WMMs) to ensure good welding quality and reduce cost
WTI, a reputed leader in the welding industry, brings to you yet another revolutionary product, the internet based Welding Monitoring and Management System (WMMs). Identifying the need for highly automated welding quality monitoring systems, WMMs, a milestone product in the welding sphere, has two benefits for you. First, it brings in remarkable improvement in the quality of your welding processes thereby elevating the quality of your end product. Second, it brings down your cost of production by enabling proper work allocation and waste reduction. It's time to revolutionize your manufacturing process by incorporating WMMs, deliver quality to customers and reap loads of benefits.
Key Features
• Real Time - Monitor welding process in real time for Current, Voltage, Wire Speed, Gas Flow and Wire Size to guarantee compliance with preset standards
• Preset Parameters - Preset critical welding parameters. Prevent the ability of unauthorized /incorrect change to the welding settings
Data Analysis
• Better QA - Statistical analysis of recorded historical welding data allows diagnosis of potential quality deficiencies
• Easier management - Welder workload analysis, wire consumption statistics
• Internet Based Application - More Convenience - Get your first hand welding data whenever and wherever you like!
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